A good workshop is like a good story. The twists and turns stay with us, and we're changed forever.

Instead of the over-worn corporate workshop, we embed workshops in rich stories because those stories have lessons, and those lessons lead to lasting impact: The Evolution of the F1 Pitstop. The Voyager Mission's Golden Records. Ernest Shackleton's Arctic Expedition.

Find the workshop that fits your team's needs, and book a call so we can use it as a starting point. Every team is different, and we craft the workshops to your team's needs.

Alignment, Communication, Execution

Pit Stop Perfection

Transfer valuable lessons from the evolution of the F1 pit stop to your team’s daily work.

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Engagement, Development, Retention

Viral Engagement

Nurture key talent with tactics drawn from the dynamic world of social media and growth hacking.

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Purpose, Culture, Inspiration

Voyager Vision

Defining your vision and values, mirroring the collaborative, innovative, and universal appeal of the Voyager Golden Records project.

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Creativity, Risk-taking, Innovation

Blueprints for Brilliance

Cultivate a culture of innovation and strategic risk-taking in your own teams and organizations, mirroring IKEA's legendary strategies.

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Alignment, Leadership, Vision

Navigating Through Ice

Leverage Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition principles to align specific team goals with the overarching vision of their organization, ensuring resilience, adaptability, and success.

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