For more than a decade Jordan has worked with misaligned executive teams, understanding their struggles, developing effective new ways of working, and solving business problems through a human-centred approach.

Jordan and his team consult with leaders and deliver results that matter: increased alignment, faster shipping, reduced attrition, and engaged employees.


With a cultural studies background and five years of experience working for Apple and the University of Waterloo, Jordan joined Shopify's enterprise sales office, owning the onboarding experience for more than 1000 new hires in the coming three years.

During his time at Shopify he built out an internal consultancy that worked closely with senior leadership teams on transformation challenges, designing and running offsites, and not just connecting employees to each other, but the crucial work of front-line teams to the overarching organizational strategy.

He eventually developed Shopify's first post-COVID people strategy for events called Bursts, and joined the Core RnD team to build out a brand new leadership development program that raised participants' 360-feedback scores by an average 6% in less than a year.


Jordan is a master facilitator who is highly adept at working with groups and prioritizing the conversations and questions that nobody is keen to bring up.

He is a systems thinker who understands how to design a gathering for maximum impact, but also understands that the real changes happen in the weeks and months following after a team has had a transformational experience.

Through his work as a facilitator he has developed a keen sense of experience design. The potential for a transformation lies in the careful consideration of how an experience is designed. He regularly pulls insights from disparate influences like Disney, athletics, and hospitality, to ensure his experiences are as memorable as they are impactful.

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