The Furniture Pile

The Furniture Pile

Picture this.

It’s your first morning of your first day of your new job. After some sort of hoop-jumping, multi-month interview process that evokes the feats in the Beatles’ Being for The Benefit of Mr. Kite, you finally got the call, finally signed the papers, and there’s a decent chance you got on an airplane and traveled through many timezones to finally arrive at Shopify’s shimmering Waterloo office for your first morning of work.

You’re led down a hallway with a group of 12 other eager people who’ve been through their own version of the hogshead-of-real-fire and are gingerly holding their medley of hope, fear, and expectations. You might try to spark a light conversation with the person beside you as you walk down this well-lit hallway, actually it’s quite likely that you’ve at least attempted to start a few conversations because everyone is feeling nervous and excited and wants a great beginning.

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