Makey Makey Touch Interface

This project uses a Makey Makey circuit, a few pieces of tin foil, and about 30 metres of speaker cable to create an interface for a 1-button game designed in the 2016 Game Design Camp.

As the chief designer & curator for the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus Christie MicroTile Wall, I've spent a good deal of time considering the atrium that the Wall sits in, and what sorts of work are best suited to it. After a few experiments, needing to find a game controller doesn't work with the natural flow of what the environment suggests. This interface solution was incredibly simple and uses the building's architecture as the game controller.

Another feature I was interested to explore was making this very simple 1-button game require more than one person to play. The Makey Makey requires a closed circuit in order to send a key press to the computer it's attached to, and this circuit can be closed by two people touching each other, as long as they're connected to each end of the circuit. The video below describes the project.