Empty Culture: Reflections on "Pirate Radio"

After watching the glorified sixties-at-sea - and let's assume that the depiction wasn't at all romanticized - Pirate Radio  has me pining for a time that sunk into the North Sea.

The movie shows the Spirit of rock, or better said, the Spirit that once lingered in rock. That movie with its glimpse of the mid-60s renegade rock broadcasters showed an idyllic Shangri-La fuelled by absolute cultural hysteria

What was that hysteria?

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Live Performance Investigations, Part 1

After a night of experimental music, I find myself actively mulling over the direction my own next performance step will take. 

For the last while I’ve been intrigued by grid controllers, especially the Ableton Push, which allow for a great deal of live sound triggering & manipulation. Essentially, as I realize, these tools are a bridge between the studio and the stage, allowing producers to take their work to a live setting. Ableton has done a very respectable job in creating a tool that has some instrumental capabilities beyond simply triggering sounds, and I believe they deserve to be applauded for that.


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