Travel Blog - Miami, Vol. 4: Epilogue

Would you rather have experiences and no memories, or memories and no experiences?

A trip can seem like a dream once it's over. There are all the details – the food and the weather (always acutely noted by a Canadian traveler), the alligators and lime-green McLarens, and all that. But it isn't until I'm home that I realize how much else was different. There are some things you don't really notice until you're out of them, and these can be really hard to capture in words. I suppose this is what art can do.

Between Miami Beach, Little Havana, the sleepy ocean-suburbs, the Wynwood Art District, the Everglades, and all the places in between, I crossed a broad mix of life in my week down in Florida. The landscape, the culture, the lack of culture, the waiting-for-death-like-the-UPS-man.

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