Travel Blog - Miami, Vol. 1: Disney, Deco, and Debauchery

Immediately, you in the Florida-know will be aghast at such an idiotic title. Disney?? Surely even a fool such as myself must know that Disney World is nearly 400 km away from Miami in this gun-loving, alligator-ridden, voting-booth-malfunctioning state.

That's true. But the spirit is alive and well these 400 km away, where the sun shines hotter, the music plays louder, and only peasants drive cars whose names don't end in -ini, -ari, or -entley. There might not be Donald Duck down here, but on the other hand there are a lot of supporters for Donald Trump, both politically and also domestically, if you can call it that. Only 10 minutes from me are three of his towers, with thousands of people supporting him even if they don't think there should be a giant wall built between 'murica and Mexico. But Trump aside, Miami is deeply in a Disney state of mind.

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