The Hood of Parent, Vol. 2: Nursery Water

There are certain stores in the world you step into and get this feeling: if this place were swept away in a flood, the world really wouldn’t suffer. Grocery stores, beer stores, pharmacies, and the admirable Lee Valley Tools do not fall into this category; Babies”R”Us does.

Yet if you’ve ever done so much as humour the heretical thought that ‘maybe I have all I need’ it will quickly be shattered and replaced with a line of thinking more in tune with our society’s values, the moment you set foot in a Babies”R”Us. Of course, that is assuming you have a child and you’re of the mind that child-rearing is primarily a job not of care, love, or nurturing, but of minimizing the psychological trauma you inflict on the growing creature. 

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The Most Mobile

What a boon!

The new mobile blogging tool really opens things up. And now you, dear reader, can get a sense of the action right as I'm in the thick of it. Pure, unfiltered experience & observation. No time for reflection! Marvelous! 

For example, I presently sit parked illegally in a jam packed church parking lot during the sacres season - that is, a giant mall two days after boxing day.   

People scoot around this lot for 20 minutes when a glut of spots sits open less than a five minute walk away.  

But walk? Heresy! 

Signing off, from the thick of the absurdity.