T is for Timbre

Can you taste the difference between a lemon and a strawberry? I hope so. If you, blindfolded, had a chunk of each fruit fed to you, how would you describe the difference? Certain attributes like texture and bitterness might be obvious but there are elements of the taste that'd be harder to describe. Yet your difficulty in finding the words wouldn’t mean you’d have any trouble distinguishing a lemon from a strawberry.

When it comes to sound we have a real challenge when we talk about timbre. Timbre isn't a Canadianized spelling of the word you yell when a tree is falling down or if you're Pitbull (feat. Ke$ha) wanting to make a night you won’t remember or be the one you won’t forget. The timbre we're talking about is pronounced TAM-burr and we know it comes from French but there isn’t a really clear translation for it.

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