CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music

One of the coolest music videos ever.

Seen a bunch of these experiments in nifty videos that get passed around online, but this guy puts it all together into a wickedly slick production. Probably need to go back and pay attention to the music now, since I was so transfixed on the amazing things sound can do.

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So Music's Not So Bad For A Person...

Never much of a fan of this drive to reduce music to a bunch of mechanical neural activity, but this video does make me feel that music may not be the Devil's work after all...

(plus, if you're a music teacher this is the ultimate promotional video you should be showing prospective [parents of] students)

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Videoviewer: Radiolab Presents Symmetry

A thoughtful, beautiful video by the folks who bring us the excellent NPR podcast, Radiolab. 



This striking Radiolab video made by Everynone was inspired by Radiolab's Desperately Seeking Symmetry episode. Filmmakers Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante, and Julius Metoyer III play with our yearning for balance, and reveal how beautiful imperfect matches can be. More info here: