Travel Blog - Crasia Vol. 1: Shenzhen

22 storeys above an absurdly ritzy area of Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo stores, I'm listening to a jackhammer going on yet another construction project here in Shenzhen. These projects go 24 hours a day. By any stretch, even the most impressive projects in North America seem lazy compared to the way these Chinese work.

So here I am in the place where I can buy an iPhone and say honestly that it was locally made. I'm sure that'd fly pretty far with the tight-jean, moustache wearing folks who frequent the Drake Hotel. Support local business! Buy a MacBook!

This place is pretty wild, but really not as crowded or dirty

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A daily necessity. Actually, I retract that. Of course there's sandal weather, for which socks are a dangerous and horrid taboo. There's even winter boot weather, which I've recently discovered yields a nice experience with warm boots. And makes me feel like some sort of shitkickin' drifter, which I don't all mind.

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Empty Culture: Reflections on "Pirate Radio"

After watching the glorified sixties-at-sea - and let's assume that the depiction wasn't at all romanticized - Pirate Radio  has me pining for a time that sunk into the North Sea.

The movie shows the Spirit of rock, or better said, the Spirit that once lingered in rock. That movie with its glimpse of the mid-60s renegade rock broadcasters showed an idyllic Shangri-La fuelled by absolute cultural hysteria

What was that hysteria?

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