Z is for Zero Crossing

Step 1: Attach metal bracket to wooden frame using provided screws.

Step 2: Fasten screws and bracket.

Step 3: Attach lower support to table legs using "C" brackets.

Step 6: Fasten all screws from Step 5 using included Allen Key.

Step 5? Where's Step 5?? What happened to Step 4?!

You find yourself building a piece of furniture and halfway through you realize that your instruction booklet is missing a page. You’re left hanging; there’s no obvious next step and you’re at a loss of what to do. Your cursing starts picking up speed and hopefully – for the sake of your new furniture and for the people walking on the sidewalk below – your half-assembled table is too heavy for you to pick up and throw out the window.

The scene probably hits close to home because we all know how infuriating this is. In a strange way there’s a lot of similarity with digital audio that has been edited without looking for a zero crossing.

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