A daily necessity. Actually, I retract that. Of course there's sandal weather, for which socks are a dangerous and horrid taboo. There's even winter boot weather, which I've recently discovered yields a nice experience with warm boots. And makes me feel like some sort of shitkickin' drifter, which I don't all mind.


But this is all digression. The real question is, if we wear socks so often, why don't we do the same with gloves? And if we accept only a single tube, why don't we do the same with our hands? 

Last but not least, I'm curious about that part on the heel where the bend happens, which sometimes is of a different colour (if you're only that lucky.)

Does navy blue provide more cushioning than grey? Perhaps a more durable surface for the rigors of daily life? 

In the end, I must defer to the mighty General Al-Adeen quoting his old friend Saddam in saying that "socks are socks."