Jordan Mandel is an artist working the area of sound architecture, recording practice, and experimental DJing. He was born in 1985 in Toronto, Ontario and now lives in Kitchener.

He performs and releases music under the name Spoke And Mirror and is fascinated by music for specific spaces. He strives to create sound experiences that are tailored to their spaces less like IKEA and more like custom made furniture.

Spoke And Mirror performances involve a combination of live and pre-recorded elements and the music often uses speech clips to deliver them with new meaning and new context. The 2012 album The Music is the Message featured numerous clips from Canadian media guru Marshall McLuhan, who was the main focus of Jordan’s study in Western University’s Popular Music & Culture MA program. He also studied just enough philosophy at York University to understand that a healthy philosophy to living is to keep a safe distance from most philosophy.

Coming from a background of more traditional music – that is, rock &c. – he’s intrigued by the nature of live performance that involves electronics and even a laptop. He strives for the immediacy of rock performance and in many ways Spoke And Mirror is an effort to discover how this can be accomplished in electronic performances when the “instrument” might most accurately be described as the speaker diaphragms vibrating the air molecules around them.

Jordan Mandel teaches about sound, recording and the creative use of computers in his post at the University of Waterloo in Canada and developed the course Hybrid Media: Sound, Technology & Design. His work also extends into the higher frequencies – that is, the visual realm – as he is the chief designer and curator for the world’s tallest Christie MicroTiles installation, which is a digital display standing at an impressive 3 stories in height.

Beyond his love of music and having bass waves rattle his skeleton, he hosts the award-winning satire rag The Outa Times on this very site and is presently working on an easy-reading book that breaks down 26 digital audio concepts – one for each letter of the alphabet – into layman terms which will open a door to the mystifying world of sound for just about anyone interested enough to walk through it. 

Spoke And Mirror has been featured on CBC’s The Strombo Show and The Signal and climbed to #5 on !earshot’s national electronic chart. Jordan Mandel also composes music for outside parties, including a guest theme song for CBC’s WireTap, a short film in the Domestic Arrivals film festival hosted by Museum London, and a commercial series that was featured in Cineplex’s Great Digital Film Festival.